REDI simple community stove

This stove and its cooking pot with lid is made of recuperated 50 gal. oil drums. The fire box is manufactured out of concrete iron rods, cut and welded to measure. Two drums are needed to produce a complete stove. The stove, used for cooking in refugee camps, is particularly useful for washing linen in hospitals and dispensaries, as the alcaline washing liquid prevents rusting of the steel metal sheet. The draught is regulated by placing the stove's door at different heights.

Technical data
Cooking pot capacity:  110 litres
Total diameter:  57 cm
Total Height:  88 cm
Specific fuel:  51 g wood/kg water consump. at boiling point
Fuel efficiency rate: 48%
Average power:  6.1 kW up to boiling point

After boiling point, the cooking process continues down to 85°C. for at least one hour without additional wood.